Migrant Settlement Committee (Eastern Region)

Contact Email: chair.msc@gmail.com

The MSC in the Eastern Region of Melbourne Victoria Australia is auspiced by the CCOEI and is the Standing Committee of the CCOEI.

MSC meetings are held on the first Friday of every month except July and January. The December meeting each year is a Review meeting.  Meetings are Chaired by two elected members of the CCOEI.

Meetings are attended by service providers and representatives of government, non-government, ethno-specific organizations and volunteers. Together they advocate for migrant and refugee communities on a range of issues. Special interest Task Groups are formed to organize awareness raising and educational forums. To date the main areas of focus have been Youth, Education, Employment, Family Violence, Disability and Health. Everyone interested in assisting the MSC to achieve it’s core objectives is welcome.

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MSC Core objectives


  • To provide a forum in which workers from local settlement service agencies (and related agencies) can discuss settlement service issues
  • To encourage settlement service agencies to work collaboratively by proposing strategies, and to plan for effective service improvements 


Key role of the MSC

To assist service providers to achieve better outcomes for migrants and refugees during their initial and long-term settlement as well as addressing issues and gaps in services.

MSC Meetings   

Dates of meetings (see table below).  Each meeting is held on the 1st Friday of that monthcommencing at 9:30 am - 12:00 noon. Agenda and Minutes are sent to members on the mailing list. If you wish to be on the mailing list (all welcome) please send an email to: chair.msc@gmail.com    (Please note there will be no meeting in January or July)

Future MSC meeting dates 




Migrant Settlement Committee

9:30 – 12:00 noon

(1st Friday of the month)

Meeting Venue:

Level 1, Conference Room,

79 Mahoney’s Road, Forest Hill.

Parking available in the parking lot next to the building.

Contact: 0466 157 906




DECEMBER  07.12.2018




No meeting in January each year
 FEBRUARY 01 February 2019
MARCH 01 March 2019
APRIL 05 April 2019
MAY 03 May 2019
JUNE 07 June 2019

No meeting in July each year

AUGUST 02 August 2019
SEPTEMBER 06 September 2019
OCTOBER 04 October 2019
NOVEMBER 01 November 2019
DECEMBER 06 December 2019


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