CCOEI 30th Birthday Celebration and Annual General Meeting

Held 6 October 2017 at the Willis Room in Nunawading Vic.

History - Year Book 1987-2017 (includes Annual Report 2017)

Financial Report 2016-2017

Gender Equity - A world without FAMILY VIOLENCE.

A forum promoting Gender Equity and Respect in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. 

Held 19 September 2017 in the Matsudo Room, Box Hill Town Hall


Awareness First - A CALD Health Forum about Female Genital Cutting and Forced Marriage 

Date: 11 August 2017

Awareness First Final Report - Written by Dr. Lillian De Bortoli


Mick Woiwod at the Migrant Settlement Committee meeting on 3rd March 2017

Video link (kindly provided by Rod Neason)

List of books written by Mick Woiwod. (A Synopsis in PDF)



Refugee Health Forum - 22 April 2016

  1. Refugee Health Forum - Final Report
  2. Acronyms and Medical Terms used in presentations
  3. Evaluation form
  4. Evaluation results
  5. Event Flyer
  6. Event Program
  7. Speaker Biographies
  8. Case Study - full health assessment
  9. Presentations:
  10. Workshop - results
  11. Video storyline


Previous Annual General Meetings:

Annual Report 2016    Audit Report 2016

Annual Report 2015

Annual Report  2014

Annual Report 2013  


Community Safety Project 2015:

A Matter of Trust 

 - Guarantors (and risks) in a cultural context

Photo: Older migrant couple on a park bench 


Project funding:  

This is a Community Safety and Crime Prevention Project funded by the Dept of Justice.


Chinese, Greek and Indian community forums were completed 

Summary Report to be provided


My Choice My Life - Youth Forum 12 November 2015



Refugee Celebration - Friday 6 June 2014


Disability and Cultural Diversity Challenges Forum 

Today, 14 May 2014, the CCOEI and the Migrant Settlement Committee (Eastern Region) have pleasure in submitting the following documents from this important forum which took place in Nov 2013. The Forum Working Group have now finalised the final report.  Please click the links below: 



Racial Discrimination Act

The following is a statement developed by our Board of Management on the proposed changes to section 18 C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975:
“The Communities' Council on Ethnic Issues (Eastern Region) Inc. is of the view that section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 should remain in its current form and no amendment should be made to that section."


News from the Migrant Settlment Committee:


Pictured Above: Ume Mazahir (left) Cynthia Shaw (centre) Stephen Lim (right) (Please also see Networker Profile of Stephen Lim below

Past events:

Disability Voices Forum 2012

This forum was held on 3 December 2012 to celebrate the International Days for People with a Disability. The event was held in the Whitehorse Room in the Box Hill Town Hall.

Keynote speakers were:

  • Prof. Edmund Chiu, Emeritus Professor Melbourne University
  • Mr Keith Hitchen, Executive Director, Action on Disabilities in Ethnic Communities
  • Robyn Kilpatrick , Migrant Information Centre

Case Studies and Stories about disability

  1. Dorothy Docherty, Inspirational Speaker about experiences of a person with a vision impairment
  2. Merilyn Spratling, Refugee Nurse EACH informed the audience about refugee and asylum seekers with chronic illnesses and disabilities accessing assistance through this program 
  3. Teena Lee (CYMHS) discussing strategies to assist young people from CALD backgrounds to access mental health services
  4. Elinor Porat - MIND Sandrige Project outlining strategies and challenges around assisting homeless CALD young people with a disability 

For further information please contact:


Annual General Meeting: Nov 2012



Annual General Meeting: Nov 2011




Tell It Like It Is Maroondah Youth Forum 

Forum Report (PDF document)

  • Dec. 2010: 



Annual General Meeting: December 2010

Twanny and Sui Ting with Val the dog

Twanny (Treasurer) and Sui Ting (Board Member) with Val the seeing eye dog

Annual Report 2009 - 2010 (PDF document)