The CCOEI is an incorporated not-for-profit community organisation based in the Eastern Region of Melbourne Victoria.  Download: PDF Information Sheet

CCOEI Aims and Objectives

The Communities Council on Ethnic Issues (Eastern Region) Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation.  It adheres to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and represents the multicultural interests of diverse people.

The Communities’ Council on Ethnic Issues continues to play a role in relation to public policy on multicultural matters. This is generally undertaken through the Migrant Settlement Committee (the Standing Committee of the CCOEI) where the focus is on advocacy.


The purposes of the association are to

  • Influence public policy through advocacy
  • Encourage cooperation, social inclusion and harmony amongst all communities 
  • Work with government and non-government organizations to identify and bridge gaps, in service delivery, to improve access and participation
  • Establish and maintain networks between key stakeholders which facilitate communication, consultation and links between them.
  • To carry out other activities which are consistent with the purposes as set out above


Specific tasks


  • Provide administrative and other support to the Migrant Settlement Committee.
  • Continue to build, strengthen and develop partnerships in the Eastern Region.
  • Conduct information sharing and awareness raising forums and seminars.
  • Contribute to relevant forums including government consultations and public and private networks.
  • Encourage new and emerging communities to participate in CCOEI / MSC activities.
  • Research additional funding opportunities (including donations) in order to continue our work at the same level as well as to grow and expand our activities.